Warranties that Work for YOU

200 days. That’s 28 weeks, or seven months. And that’s a long time on the job site. It’s also how long Weyerhaeuser provides our “no sand” warranty that brings you peace-of-mind.


Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold™ panels are warranted for 200 days after delivery of the panels to the job site against the need for edge sanding due to edge swell caused by water absorption.  We’re so confident in the superior qualities of these innovative OSB panels that they can be left out in the rain (click HERE to see our patented Down Pore® technology in action). And, the 200-day no sand limited warranty is transferrable and can apply to the current homeowner where our Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold panels are installed.


At Weyerhaeuser, we don’t want any builder or homeowner to ever worry about delamination of OSB panels. That’s why we offer a 50-year structural limited warranty on our Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold panels.


When properly installed as a single-layer flooring in a home, and in normal usage conditions, Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold panels provide superior performance you can depend on. Each panel comes fully sanded for uniform thickness and engineered to start flat and stay flat with a fastening template for easy installation.


Engineered to last, warranted with confidence. Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold panels deliver excellence and peace-of-mind to your projects.

Weyerhaeuser is your source for residential, multi-family and light commercial projects. We provide seamless building solutions, all the way from design to installation to support.