Stellar Software Update Extends Capabilities to More Lumberyards

Weyerhaeuser has released Version 4.5 of its Stellar® dealer operations software, with changes that extend cut optimization and inventory management capabilities to all Trus Joist® stocking dealers. Previously, Stellar was primarily used by dealers participating in Weyerhaeuser’s NextPhase® Site Solutions program, a comprehensive package of products, services, software and fabrication equipment.

Stellar software helps dealers reduce inventory carrying costs by managing inventory levels, improving operational efficiency and reducing material waste. The latest update brings those benefits to all dealers stocking Trus Joist engineered lumber products.

New features mean that Stellar software will enhance operations regardless of the dealer’s business model. Stellar software can grow with the dealer, from creating an optimized shipping list and jobsite cutting instructions, to manual cutting instructions for operations personnel, to instructions for automated cutting equipment producing precision-cut framing packages as part of the NextPhase Site Solutions program.

“NextPhase dealers have long relied on the improved inventory control and reduced waste brought by Weyerhaeuser’s Stellar software,” said Jim Shoemaker, Stellar software product manager. “Now all Trus Joist stocking dealers can reap those benefits, all the while knowing that Stellar will support their needs as they grow, expand service offerings and automate.”

Among the new features of Stellar Version 4.5:

• New Inventory Position optimizer incorporates LEAN operating concepts to reduce material handling and travel around the yard, improve inventory turns and minimize material waste in the yard.

• Optimized shipping lists with jobsite cutting instructions reduce the time, labor and equipment needed to build a pack while simplifying cutting for the builder and reducing jobsite waste.

• Simplified workflows minimize the amount of time Stellar software operators spend processing jobs and make it easier to train new operators.

Dealers interested in obtaining Stellar Version 4.5 should contact their local Weyerhaeuser sales representative or Weyerhaeuser Software Support at 800.833.9491 or

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