Results from 2014 Software Surveys

A big thank you to all the software users who filled out the software surveys we sent out at the end of 2014. Thank you for spending time to help us understand how we are doing with our primary applications and what you need from our software. We truly value your feedback.

We want to share the results!

[h2-cufon class=”bg-none”]How you graded us[/h2-cufon]

We asked how you like our applications (with an A or B grade representing “Best in class” or “Like to use”) as well as what you think of our recent releases/features (with an A or B meaning “Great improvement” or “Okay improvement.”)  Below is the percentage of people who responded with an A or B:

Forte Application Overall 85%
Forte Latest Release (v4.6) 60%
Javelin Application Overall 90%
Javelin Latest Release (v5.2) 70%
Stellar Job Manager 62.5%
Stellar Cut Optimizer 62.5%

We are happy to see that you like our applications, you really like them.  We know we can always do better. For example, some common opportunities include improving reports, providing significant (not just minor) improvements in our releases, and making installs less painful.

[h2-cufon class=”bg-none”]What you said you want[/h2-cufon]

Your requests are one of the many things we consider when deciding what to implement in the software.  Here is a list of your most desired features:

[h5-cufon class=”bg-none”]Forte Most Requested[/h5-cufon]
[li]Connections for multi-ply beams[/li]
[li]Switch flush beam to a dropped beam or to a joist and vice versa[/li]
[li]Design of expanded product types including steel and lumber[/li]
[li]Tapered end analysis[/li]

[h5-cufon class=”bg-none”]Javelin Most Requested[/h5-cufon]
[li]Performance improvements in large jobs[/li]
[li]Quick roof loading for floor design[/li]
[li]Locate hangers tool[/li]
[li]Dimensions that update with changes to objects in the model[/li]
[li]Increase beam length on input to provide bearing[/li]

We won’t be able to deliver all these items, but we’ll certainly use your input as we aim to deliver software that you want to use, so that you specify and purchase our products.  The good news is that a couple of these items are slated to be worked on this year and will be coming in future releases. So that tells us we are on the right track and are planning on providing features you want.

[h2-cufon class=”bg-none”]What you told us[/h2-cufon]
We also asked a series of questions about the Forte and Javelin applications:
[li]What you like?[/li]
[li]What you dislike?[/li]
[li]What features are needed?[/li]

The following are word clouds (or wordles) created from your responses. The larger the word, the more it was repeated in the answers.

What you like about Forte
What you like about Javelin
 Wordle with Forte Likes: Like, Use, Easy, Load, Ease, Link, Beam, Member, Lumber  Wordle with Javelin Likes: Floor, bearing, details, design, load, container
What you dislike about Forte
What you dislike about Javelin

Wordle with Forte Dislikes: load, design, beam, member, program, use, time 

 Wordle with Javelin Dislikes: complicated, floors, roofs, labels, crashing, work
What you want Forte to do
What you want Javelin to do
 Wordle with Forte Wants: beam, member, design, lumber, load, steel  Wordle with Javelin Wants: hanger, loads, floor, design, truss, area, input


Looking at the graphics above, we see making the programs easy to use, fast, and stable are important to you. While it may seem like a no brainer, knowing you value these items will help us target improvements to these areas.

[h2-cufon class=”bg-none”]Thanks again[/h2-cufon]

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to provide us this important information which we will use to target enhancements to the software that will be valued and used by you, our customer. Look for more surveys after each application’s release to help keep us informed.

Trish Baird
Trish Baird
Trish Baird is a Business Analyst for our structural frame software team. She is just starting her 15th year with Weyerhaeuser. During that time, she has worked in many disciplines including software support, testing, and now product management.