Complex Roof Made Easy with Pre-Cut JobPack® Framing

A 12,000 square foot house in Park City, Utah provides a great example of how pre-cut NextPhase® JobPack® framing can ease the complexity of framing a custom roof. Check out the build on video:

John Phillips of JP Construction was the builder for the project. John first used NextPhase JobPack framing on a floor to reduce labor costs and cycle time. By taking it to the roof system, savings are amplified as framing complexity becomes greater.

Stick-framed roofs are the norm for large, mountain-resort homes like those in Park City, but framing one requires tapered cuts, angles, bevels, birdsmouth seat cuts and other specialized cuts. A pre-cut roof package provided by a NextPhase dealer eliminates the measuring, verifying, and fitting that takes time on a jobsite, and can waste material. On roofs, even more so than on floors, pre-cut framing can be an easy solution in a world of increasing labor shortages and tightening construction schedules.

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Bill Parsons
Bill Parsons