Month: April 2013

Micrographs Show Wood Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

in Marketing

The following excerpted from A Compilation of Micrographs on Wood and Wood Products by Norman P. Kutscha published by the Forest Products Society. Mr. Kutscha was Scientific Advisor Emeritus of Microstructure and Wood Science for Weyerhaeuser until his retirement. He won the Fred W. Gottschalk Memorial Award from the Forest Products Society in 1999. You […]

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Deck Beam Sizer App Update

in Software & Services

Are your customers building an elevated deck over a walk out basement? Do you want to offer them an option that opens up the space underneath and removes the column blocking the view? There’s an app for that! In under a minute, size a deck beam that spans longer than traditional lumber and delivers long-term […]

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Lessons Learned From Rebuilding in Haiti

Haiti Team
in Tech Talk

It’s been over three years since the devastating earthquake near Port-au-Prince, Haiti on January 12th, 2010.  As the need for relief and rebuilding existed in Haiti prior to the earth quake, so too does much work remain to be done past this three year anniversary.  However, we take this opportunity to note the fulfillment of […]

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Demystifying “shrinkage” in wood structures

in Canada

Shrinkage occurs when wood dries, potentially changing its structural dimensions. This is a factor in any wood structure, and the compounding effect of multiple stories can increase the problem. Of particular concern is potential shrinkage around windows and window flashing – especially if different-behaving materials such as brick veneer are placed next to wood framing. […]

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