Month: March 2013

Weyerhaeuser’s Commitment to Community

forestry skills competition oregon
in Marketing

Sweet Home High School is in the heart of lumber country. An hour and half south of Portland, Sweet Home is also the location of a Weyerhaeuser veneer plant with 114 employees. Logging is the economic driver in this part of Oregon; thus, making a Forest Club at the 600 student high school a natural […]

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Coming soon in Javelin 5.0®

in Software & Services

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Javelin® software version 5.0. With this release you will be able to accurately model more aspects of the structure and provide a more complete output of material, design details and much more! [h5-cufon class=’bg-none’]What’s coming in Javelin 5.0?[/h5-cufon] Javelin v5.0 will allow you to: [checkboxes-list] [li]model […]

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Ready for a Down Pore?

in OSB & Panels, Tech Talk

Rain on a jobsite can pose a number of challenges and result in added costs and delays, but what’s a builder to do since you can’t control the weather? It’s generally accepted that for OSB floor panels, excessive exposure to water leads to a less than ideal outcome. Such exposure creates the potential for edge swell and having to sand […]

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Building codes allow wood to reach for the sky

in Canada

Really? A six-story building constructed of wood? Yes, and officials in British Columbia are leading the way in approving code changes needed for the use of wood in 5 and  6 story buildings – commonly known as “mid-rise” buildings. Spearheaded by the provincial government in 2008 in an effort to support the economic growth and […]

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This ain’t your grandma’s sawmill

in Lumber

Last month, we saw a picture of a Weyerhaeuser mill from 1938. Above is a recent picture from the SAME MILL that shows an operator in his control center. Quite a difference from the last post… Our Weyerhaeuser associates are trained to operate our modern equipment safely and efficiently. In many cases, they monitor a […]

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